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You want what…? by Kat Blair
Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 1:51 pm
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This is how part of my day went…
Customer comes up and wants a book by Stephen Ambrose. Got 3 titles and went to retrieve them. The first one was 4 inches wide. “Oh, gee, that’s enough. I think I will be reading this through vacation (Christmas).”

Come back to the Information Desk and find the Instant Messaging system unmanned (unwomanned?) with a question on the monitor. Can you help me. Sure, I’ll give it a go. Somehow that question is a lot scarier when it comes out of the unknown with all those possibilities rather than out of someone’s face. They need help figuring out the y intercept and the slope. Oh great…math. I was OK with that, once, about 10 years ago. Give me some help, what’s the x intercept? Got through it too. Yea for me.


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I would have had to send them to the LiveHomeworkHelp site!

Comment by aclibrary

Yay for you!

Comment by Celticangel

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