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Just for fun: movie review by maryjane16
Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 4:05 pm
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To know me is to KNOW that I would see the Star Trek movie the first week of its release. I held out all the way until Sunday at 11:00 am when I arrived at the Dublin IMAX with two other trekkies and two thirteen year olds. We were surprised to find the theater full and we had to sit in the front row of the IMAX, which was a killer to focus on all the action. Our heads were swaying back and forth wildly. The new faces were excelent with Scotty taking the cake for best performance of a new actor in a well-established role. Harold and Kumar fans will be pleased with the selection for the Sulu character. All expectations were met with just enough of the “original” lines to satisfy the trekkies and not so many that the next generation had to cringe. This is one movie thatI will be adding to my home collection, but was there ever really any doubt! Enjoy, and of course … Live long and Prosper … Barbara Hamze


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We also saw it from the front rows – not at an Imax theater thank the stars! I can’t wait to see it again from a better vantage point so I don’t end up with a stiff neck and motion sickness… But Spock and Uhura? No….. just no.

Comment by Patricia Ryan

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