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National Craft Month by maryjane16
Friday, March 12, 2010, 1:25 pm
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That’s right, March is National Craft Month (as well as Women’s History Month). To celebrate, why not try a fun craft program with your child(ren) or even by yourself? There are tons of crafts and hobbies to try, including scrapbooking, book making, knitting, quilting, beadwork, woodwork, etc. Alameda County has many different types of craft books available for check out everyday.

Here’s a fun (and pretty) craft project to try with kids:

You will need: red paint, white paint, brown paint or a brown marker, cardstock or another type of thick paper and q-tips.

1. Have your kid(s) draw a tree trunk and several branches (large branches and a few smaller branches coming off of the larger ones) with either the brown paint or marker.

2. Pour white and rad paint into a small tray.

3. Using a q-tip, let the kids put dots of both white and red paint (or mix the colors to make pink as well) all over the tree branches so that the tree looks like it is covered in white, pink and red blossoms. You can add as many dots of paint as you like, and the colors will blend to make your tree look beautiful.

4. Let the paper dry and then put up on display!


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