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Percy Jackson review by maryjane16
Saturday, March 13, 2010, 9:00 am
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If you’re looking for a series that you can read together as a family, Percy Jackson and the Olympians might work for you. There are five books in the series and they center around Percy Jackson, son of the Greek god, Poseidon and a mortal woman. The books are filled with adventure, mythology, teen awkwardness along with the added stress of being a demigod, and a great deal of humor thrown in.

I read a lot of children’s and teen books, but I have to say that I enjoyed this series far more than I expected to. I’d originally planned to just read the first book, but once I started reading, I had to finish the series.  The books got better as the series progressed and the humor works for both children, teens and adults. I would highly recommend reading these books, (suggested reading age is 9-12) even if you are an adult looking for a fun series.

M. Ayers


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Norse Gods and Giants (later reprinted as Norse Mythology), and Greek Mythology by D’Aulaires are good books with lots of pictures. If you want clear, accurate, and appropriate information, start with these.

Most of Roman mythology is primarily based on Greek Mythology, with the names adjusted and a few other local religions blended in.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a good time to learn about Celtic and Norse cultures, which also overlap.

Our week days and months reflect the blending of cultures. Tuesday is Tyre’s Day, Wednesday is Odin’s Day, Thursday is Thor’s Day, Friday is Freya’s Day, but Saturday is for Saturn from the Romans. March is for Mars, the Roman god of war.

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