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Thursday, December 23, 2010, 2:03 pm
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World’s End by Jake Halpern

The second book of the Dormia series resumes the adventures of Alfonso Perplexon, Great Sleeper and now fifteen, who has been sleeping normally until he goes on a school field trip to the catacombs of Paris. There he falls asleep and finds himself in the midst of another quest. This time it is visions of his presumed-dead father and a strange hexagonal hole in the ground that spur him on to return to Dormia. Back in the company of his uncle Hill, Bilblox and his seeing-eye-wolf, and a now-beautiful Resuza, Alfonso is plunged into a mysterious journey on the underground Fault Roads in an attempt to find the Dormian city of Jasber on the trail of both the escaped Kiril and perhaps his father, Leif Perplexon. But as the friends near Jasber, they are separated. All find themselves in dire straits as the story closes.

Little Wolf’s Song  by Boxer Books Limited

Every night Little Wolf’s family howls a beautiful song, combining his mother’s warm voice, his father’s deep one, his sister’s sweet one, and his brothers’ “happy, yappy” sound. To his distress, Little Wolf can only squeak, though his parents reassure him that his howl will come in time.

Big Nate Strikes Again  by Lincoln Peirce

Peirce’s second book about Big Nate is clever and funny. For Mrs. Godfrey’s newest special project, a research assignment on a great American, the sixth grader gets paired with the perfect A-plus student, Gina. Horrible as this seems, something great also occurs—Nate is picked as a Fleeceball team captain and has a chance to win the coveted Spoffy (Sports Played Only for Fun) trophy. Unfortunately, he is late to the gym when players are chosen, and Gina is on his team. The pacing of the text and the black-and-white comic-book illustrations give the story a fun and carefree rhythm.

New Book Alerts – Children’s Books 

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