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Guessing Games by maryjane16
Thursday, August 30, 2007, 8:43 pm
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  Binh Tran Our quarterly guessing game has been a huge hit at the library. We put up a jar filled with random items (so far, we’ve used candy, but I’m working on other ideas … any suggestions?) People are thrilled to see the new jar out and are eager to try and guess the correct number. We give away bookstore gift cards to the adult/teen winner and the contents of the jar to the child winner. The next jar will be out for the winter … check in at the library for your chance to play the guessing game …


We’re stuck, we need you! by Kat Blair
Thursday, August 23, 2007, 6:16 pm
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Please help us! We have a survey to help us get better at what we do. Please take time to take the survey at 

Por favor, ayudame! Cuestionario de la Biblioteca de Newark aqui 

Our new additions! by Kat Blair
Thursday, August 23, 2007, 10:49 am
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How many frogs can you see?

How many frogs can you see? 

If you could just come and visit our newest little guys (or girls). One Siamese Fighting Fish and 4 tiny African Dwarf Frogs at the Information Desk. They’re the cutest! But they don’t have any names yet! So, what are your suggestions?

African Dwarf FrogSiamese Fighting Fish

Thin Clients by Kat Blair
Wednesday, August 22, 2007, 9:28 am
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No, I don’t mean our customers are rather slender. I’d like to direct you to the picture of our staff members. That’s Eugene and Kathleen in our header, but look behind them. All in a row, on the counter at the back, are our “thin clients”. Beautiful, black, thin screens tied to T1 lines via fiber optics! Talkin’ techie delight here. We’re noticing lots fewer frozen screens and, obviously, quicker maneuvering online. We even have time to answer a few questions now.

The Avila girls by Kat Blair
Thursday, August 16, 2007, 6:52 pm
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avilas.jpgOur favorite family this month is the Avilas. We love them and they love their library. They sent us a lovely letter thanking us for our summer programs and all our hard work. Here you get to see Daisy, Leslie, and Jennifer. How lucky are we!

They were thankful to “all the employees of the Newark Library” for the “new freinds” [sic] they made at the library and “all the shows we saw and learn from.” They even managed to have movie nights at home thanks to the library.

Bingo Schmingo by Kat Blair
Tuesday, August 14, 2007, 4:14 pm
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bingo.jpgNo, Bingo Schmingo isn’t a children’s cuss word. She’s a wonderful singer/teacher from close-by New Haven School District who came and showed us all how to have fun during this summer. What a rollicking good time!

Ventriloquism – this weekend by Kat Blair
Thursday, August 9, 2007, 5:16 pm
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Steve Chaney and Cornelius CroweSteve Chaney and Cornelius Crowe will arrive at our Library promptly at 2 p.m. this Saturday, August 11th to entertain our neighbors and customers. Hope you can come!

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